Get well understanding of abstract painting by an article. A few days ago, a painting of Picassos called "women of Algiers" sold for a world-record $179 million. And various parties speech full network again.

Picasso women of Algiers

Why an abstract artwork causes so different feelings. In fact, there isn’t a so-called theory of not understanding art. When you don't understand art means that you do not know how to appreciate beauty.

So how do we perceive art? We all know which is best when you talk about figurative paintings. Today we are going to talk about unordinary paintings esthetics including image, abstraction and modernist art.

It is Art

Modern art seems difficult to understand, but in fact, there are many aspects of life, such as web design, car design, architectural design, street graffiti and so on. If you pay more attention, you can find that these are already integrated into life. It is difficult to understand just taking out the beautiful side. For example, you will feel that the stripes of a certain dress are very good with the shape of the clothes, but you will not feel good when you draw these stripes on the paper.

So let's talk about what abstract art means:
Abstract art was first seen in the works of Russian artist Kandinsky. It is a fusion of various anti-traditional artistic influences, especially the evolution of fauvism and cubism. For Picasso, "abstract" art did not exist. He believes that only someone emphasizes style and some emphasize life. In Michelle Sever, the abstract art is: "I don't bring any reminders, without any memories of reality (whether or not this reality is the starting point of the painter), the art is called abstract art. 

Extra Large Abstract Art

In fact, the Fauvism and Cubism promoted the independent development of form and color. It was Kandinsky who further discovered its mystery. In 1910, he drew the first absolutely Abstract watercolor painting, which was a vivid overlapping color point without concrete desire. Kandinsky's creative invention was inspired by the aesthetics of music, and later Czech kupka directly got inspiration from music for abstract art creation. He is called the originator of a musicalist painter, and later they formed an abstractionists together.

The birth of the world's first easel abstract painting:
Kandinsky (1866-1944), 100 years ago, the world's first abstract painting was born in an accidental "subversion". Kandinsky, a Russian, saw a "strange" painting in his studio, which was very wonderful and magnificent. Walking forward, I realized that one of my paintings was turned upside down on the wall, and after the square was set, the exciting picture disappeared. He was inspired by it, and the figuration made the picture mediocre and ordinary, while the abstraction made the picture full of vividness and beauty. Before that, the creation and aesthetics of abstraction were also dependent on other forms. It was Kandinsky who began to make abstract aesthetics the main body of easel art (painting). His 1910 abstract painting, entitled "improvisation," is considered to be the first ever work of pure abstraction.

Kandinsky’s early abstractions are all free abstraction, also know as lyric abstractions. he characteristics are that the composition and color are very random, often improvised, free and unrestrained. Lyrical abstraction emphasizes the inner freedom of individuality and the right to express strong emotions that can cause shapes to fall apart. After 1921, Kandinsky transformed from Free Lyric abstraction to geometric abstraction, composed of precise geometry and point, line and surface. In 1926, he published another monograph of abstract art, Point, Line and Surface, which established his academic status as the father of abstract art.

Large Abstract Wall Art

Kandinsky made great contributions to abstract painting. His study and practice of forms opened up a broad road for later generations, and made abstract painting sweep the whole western art world in a short period of time, becoming the most tenacious art in the past 100 years.

In fact, we really don't need something like "an article to understand abstract painting", which seems to be a quick method. Everyone is born with a unique view of art.When a person does not understand aesthetics and does not know how to feel beautiful, it means that this person has no love for life, does not know how to appreciate life, and does not know how to enjoy life. You have to know that an old man who can watch an afternoon scenery in a rocking chair sometimes knows more about life than a student who studies art, and is more likely to become an artist because he is not impatient, not utilitarian, and slowly swaying there. The beauty of nature can be felt on the bench, and art comes from the perception of nature and passion for life.